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20 Ago



And then we had the wedding and the only person to not show up was the one person she needed to be there…

I know right, it’s like this entire scene was a cruel joke.

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20 Ago


I love you. I’ve missed you so much and no matter what happens, I want you to know you were the most wonderful part of my life. Being married to you has 
been the best thing I’ve ever done. And if I don’t make it back, I want you to
know that I loved you right until the very last breath I took. And if there is
something after that, the first thing I’ll do when I get there is to start loving you all over again, you hear?

- Richard Castle, Wild Storm
20 Ago

Beckett 5x19 Wardrobe Appreciation

20 Ago

tv show meme: [1/5] pairings | clark kent & lois lane
"I want you to know me completely, with no secrets. ‘Cause you’re the one, and you always will be."

20 Ago


Henry Cavill *SMILE*

Makes me happy!

he is indeed a cute muffin.

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20 Ago
make me choose: luvcbalways asked morning/sleepy castle or writer vest castle

bonus ‘cause kb is so adorable :’)

20 Ago

endless list of favourite clois scenes: 8/∞ 

"I do remember seeing a whole new side of Clark Kent."
"Which side was that?" 
"I’ll give you a hint. It starts with “h” and ends with “ero.”
"And i wasn’t even wearing red or blue." 9x03 (Rabid)

20 Ago

endless list of favourite clois scenes: 10/∞ 
endless list of favourite smallville scenes: 2/∞ 

"It’s perfect." 10x21 (Finale)

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*アナ雪まとめ③* by ANO on pixiv


*アナ雪まとめ③* by ANO on pixiv

14 Ago

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